Welcome to Panditji (version 3.1 final) - Your Lifelong Personal Vedic Hindu Priest...... on your computer!

Panditji is an economical IBM PC DOS program that provides panchanga and horoscope related information, helpful for practising hindus and astrology enthusiasts, automatically adjusted to any place in the world, from 470BC through the year 9999. It features :

Panchanga Details and Vedic Calender

Complete Daily and Monthly Panchaang consisting of thithis, nakshatra, yoga, rahukala including their durations from sunrise, birth star, star date, sunrise, sunset, new moon, full moon and more... Provides the capability to print a monthly Vedic calender that lists the tithis, nakshatras, yogas, new moon, full moon and important festivals

Muhurtas and Festivals

Provides the capability to determine the auspicious days during any month with a ranking to help choose the best muhurata for an important occassion. Additionally it provides the facility to qualify the auspicious day with a specific Janma nakshatra. Panditji also provides a listing of the major Hindu festivals (Shaivite, Vaishnavite, North & South Indian) and can compute when they will occur

Horoscope Compilation

Complete support for Horoscope compilation according to the Hindu Vedic System. Given the time, date & place of birth, the program can compile the horoscope with Constellations, their lords and sublords associated with each planet, the Rasi, Navamsa and Bhava charts and also the Bhava Sputa, Saptavarga, Sapta Varga Bala, Sthana Bala, Kala Bala, Shadbala Pindas (the six-fold planetary strengths), Bhava Balas, Ishta & Kashta Phalas, Vimshotri Dasa (planetary regency sequence during life), 7 1/2 year Shani affliction and Dasa Bhukti details. It provides a picture of the Natal (Rasi, Navamsa and Bhava) charts, in both the North Indian and South Indian presentation styles. It supports three Aynamsa systems ( Lahiri, B.V.Raman and Tanjavaur #28 Paamb Panchaangam) and also provides a user programmable aynamsa capability for advanced users

Horoscope Matching

Advanced Horoscope matching for determining relationship/marriage compatibility according to Vedic Hindu Astrology system. The report considers different compatibilities based on the lunar mansions and zodiacal signs of the moon in the natal charts of the couple, along with their karmic affinity. It provides the details on the boy & girl, location of planets on their Rashi and Navamsa charts, Dosha Samya (planetary distributions in the two birth charts), details of matching on the 18 different match criteria - Nakshatra, Mahendra, Yoni, Rashi-Adipati, Rajju, Varna, Kalatra Dosh (Mars, Saturn, Sun & Rahu), Lagna, Gana, Stri Dhirga, Rashi, Vasiya, Vedai, Naadi and Venus. It provides the final report based on a percentage match greater than 50% of the combined criteria.

Low Cost for New Users --- Only US $100 ( includes S&H and free bug fix upgrades ). Panchang users can upgrade to Panditji for US $50

To get your copy please send a domestic US check or International Money Order / Cashiers Check / Bank Draft (sorry no credit cards accepted at this time), made out to : R.G. & ASSOCIATES

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