When the Past meets the Present...  


Publisher: Writers Club Press, 2000
Price: $14.95, Pages: 292, ISBN: 0595143059

Reviewed by: Mike Woznicki

At 14 I was worried about passing 9th grade. My ideas of writing were wrapped up in term papers. My free time was filled with baseball, camping and hanging around with friends. That’s why this book is so impressive, the author is 14 years old.

Orizon has real talent for the written word and this book is real talent. For me to read fiction I need to be captured right from the beginning and this book did just that. The storyline moves well and the plot isn’t predictable. The book has movie written all over it.

Dealing with the ideas of biotechnology is amazing in its self, couple that with the fact the author is only 14 and the accomplishment of this book become even more astounding. Orizon maybe only 14, but his writing is far beyond that. I can see a bright future for this kid and he’s only getting started.