Architecture - Andhra Pradesh


The Salivahana and the Ikshvakus have left a great legacy in the field of architecture. Amaravati and Bhatiprolu in Guntur for the stupas and Kondepur in Medak and Nagarjuna Konda of the Chaityas ( cathedral ) and sankharam near Visakhapatnam for the viharas ( rock-hewn ) are some of the illustrative work of that era. LEPAKSHI

In the subsequent era of Salankhyanas and Vishnukundies, rock architecture thrived. The caves at Mogalrajpuram near Vijayawada and undavalli in Guntur and the rock-cut temples at Bhairavakonda near udayagiri in Nellore, stand as a witness to this form of architecture of that period. MECCA MASJID

The Eastern Chalukyas developed temple architecture in coastal Andhra Pradesh. Under the Pallavas, dravidian style made great progress. The Cholas introduced some new elements and the Eastern Ganagas introduced the kalinga style, as seen in Mukhalingeshwara and Saripalle temples in Visakhapatnam.

The Kakatiyas contributed a lot to the architecture in the form of 1000-pillared temple and the Nandi pavillion in Hanmakonda. The shrine at Pangal and the Ramappa temple at Palampet, stand as a testimony to the expertise of architects of that period. The Rajas of Vijayanagar fused various elements, added new adjuncts like rearing horses and rampant hippogriffs and constructed lovely temples in Rayalseema like the ones in Kalahasti, Tadipatri, Penugonda and Lepakshi. OSMANIA UNIVERSITY

A distinct Indo-persian architectural style emerged with the Bahamanis. During the Qutub Shahi period, this style, modified by local contribution, manifested itself in colossal arches found in Charminar and Charkaman in Hyderabad. And the same style in flat roofs with vaulted ceilings in Bala Hissar and Baradari of Golkonda and Bhongir. The saracenic school of architecture characterised by the dome and the minaret also prevailed during this period. The Mecca Masjid, Gagan Mahal and Dad Mahal display this style in Hyderabad.

The Asaf Jahis continued it as can be seen in the City College, Osmania Hospital and the High Court buildings. The present trend of architectural use is more of utilitarian. The City Central Library in Ashoknagar area and the buildings that house commercial tax departments and excise departments in Hyderabad prove this point.

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