Arts & Crafts - Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh has a rich tradition in handicrafts, with techniques of craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation.BIDRI ARTS

Bidri is a metal craft. It derived its name from Bidar, the hometown of this exquisite craft. The basic material used is alloy of zinc, oxidised and intricately inlaid with silver.

This famous art can be traced back to the Kakatiyas. Decorative, beautifully painted wooden articles like furniture, bowls, lamps, ashtrays, boxes are typical Nirmalware.

Himroo is a distinctive, luxurious fabric, once used as dress material by the nobles, with a cotton base and silk or art silk weave, made into stoles, gowns and furnishings.

The name ‘Kalamkari’ is derived from the word ‘kalam’ which means a ‘pen’, the tool used in this craft. Kalamkari is hand-painting with vegetable-dyes. Only four basic colours are used to depict scenes from mythology.

Leather Puppets
These colourful puppets are made from buffalo hide, bleached and tinted with local paints. The most popular figures are the heroes and villains from mythology.

The Pearls from Hyderabad
The art of creating articles of jewellery has been perfected by the artisans of Hyderabad from the days of the Golconda Kingdom. Hyderabad today, is the largest pearl centre of India.

Andhra Pradesh, has an age-old tradition of hand-woven fabrics. Silk and Cotton sarees from Pochampalli, Venkatagiri, Siddipet, Gadwal, Narayanpet and Dharmavaram are a house hold name through out India.

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