Hyderabad, the capital of Andhra Pradesh, is a 400 year old metropolis, that represents a perfect blend of old world charm and modern day charisma. The City was founded in the late 16th century by the Qutub Shahi Dynasty. The City of Hydrerabad is known for its minarets and its pearl bazar.

CHARMINARA proud sentinel in the heart of the old City, Charminar is a majestic edifice built in 1591 by Quli Qutub Shah . All around Charminar, is a bustling bazar of pearls and jewellery shops, perfume and attar vendors. Laad bazar, famous for its glass bangles is close by.

Golconda Fort
This lengendary citadel built on a 120 metre high granite hill, was originally founded by the Kakatiyas. The existing structure was later expanded by the Qutub Shahi Kings into a massive fort. The fort is enclosed within eight massive gates studded with large pointed iron spikes. One of the most remarkable features of this fort is its advanced acoustics, which enables a hand clap at the gate to be heard in the citadel.

Sound & light show at Golconda fort

Duration : 55 Minutes
English : Wednesday, Sunday
Hindi : Tuesday, Friday, Saturday
Telugu : Thursday
Monday Closed

Mecca Masjid
MECCA MASJIDLocated near the Charminar, this huge and impressive mosque can accommodate 10,000 worshippers at a time. The hall is 67 metres long, 54 metres wide and 23 metres high. The roof is supported by 15 arches. The colonnades and entrance arches are made of a single slab of granite. Started in 1614 by Abdullah Qutub shah, the mosque was completed in 1687 by Aurangzeb.

Salarjung Museum
This museum displays the private collection of Nawab Salar Jung III. It houses magnificent exhibits of European and Indian paintings and statuary, jewellery, armour, precious stones and manuscripts.

This palace was built by one of the Paigah nobles, Sir Vicar Ul Umra, in 1870. It is located 5 kms south of Charminar. The palace has a library, a picture gallery, and a luxurious reception hall with cabinets containing diamond, crystal and emerald objects.

Zoological Park
This park spreads over 300 acres and is one of the largest in Asia. Over 3000 different species of birds and animals can be seen here. Other attractions of the zoo includes a lion safari park, a nocturnal animal house , a pre-historic animal park, an ancient life museum and a natural history museum. Large recreational parks , lush green gardens, a mini train and rides on animal back, make it an ideal spot for picnic.

This stunningly beautiful modern Hindu temple is dedicated to Lord Venkateswara. It was built out of white marble. It graces the rocky hill overlooking the Hussain Sagar

This latest and most modern planetarium in the Country, is being developed into a centre for the study of astronomy. Sky shows are held daily in different languages.

HUSSAIN SAGARHussain Sagar (Tank Bund)
Hyderabad's most popular promenade, the Husain Sagar lake, is the venue of many a water sport event. Recently installed is the famous monolith of Buddha, at the centre of the lake.

Mechanised Boat (Pleasure Rides) Adult: Rs.8/- Child: Rs.5/-
Speed - Boat (4 Seater Water Taxi) Rs.55/-
Rowing Rs.8/- Padding Rs.10/-

Established in 1918, the other buildings were completed in 1939 by the late Nizam of Hyderabad. The University houses five colleges and many institutes.

Hyderabad is connected by air, rail and road.

The City offers a number of luxury and economy hotels.

Local Transportation
City buses, Taxis, Autorickshaws, Cyclerickshaws

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