So near to Bombay and so far from its maddening crowds, 'Daman' - an erstwhile Portuguese enclave, (earlier called 'Damao'), and a picturesque port town - is a popular get-away for most city - dwellers. Situated on the west coast, hugged by the Arabian sea and swaying casuarinas, Daman has been the home away from home for the Portuguese, till it was liberated in the year 1961, to form a part of the Indian Union. It is bound on the north by the Kolak river, on the east by Gujarat, on the south by the Kalai river and on the west by the Gulf of Cambay. The town of Daman is divided into two parts by the Damao Ganga river- the northern region, known as Nani Daman (Little Daman) accommodates hotels and bars, and the southern region, known as Moti Daman (Big Daman), accommodates government buildings and churches.

Light house at Daman Fort

Light house at Daman Fort

With temperate climate round the year, it is an ideal get-away in all seasons. Daman has what it takes, and more, to gratify the whims of sun - bathers, beach - combers, sight - seers, swimmers, monument - lovers, shoppers and escapists !! Its 72 sq. km area encompasses everything a tourist looks for: gentle winds, soft sands, inviting waters, historic churches, majestic forts in their imposing splendour, coconut groves, stately palms and sleepy villages nestled on the creeks.

The beautiful and unspoilt beaches in Daman make it an ideal holidaying spot.

Devka seaface and Nani Daman afford excellent recreation to the tourists. The illuminated amusement park on the Devka beach, on festive days, offers a splendid spectacle.

Jampore beach is the right place for someone opting for a quiet holiday. The beach line is broad and even; and the solitude and serenity of this lovely spot is seldom disturbed.

Other tourist places in Daman are Nani Daman Jetty Garden, old churches, forts, light house and a summer house.


Daman is one of the easiest tourist spots to get to. It is just 168 km from Bombay by railroad. Vapi station, on the main railway line, is the access point for Daman.

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