Once a brief stopover on the Kalka - Simla highway, Barog, has now, become the destination of hordes of visitors. The resort is located in an idyllic setting, surrounded by majestic pine and oak forests. The magnificent Choor Chandni or Choordhar peak, ` mountain of the silver bangle', is clearly visible from Barog, and when the moonlight lavishly pours itself on the slopes of the peak, it appears as though countless shimmering, silver bangles are sliding down in the night. Barog's railway station, on the Kalka - Simla, is one of the most picturesque stations, modelled in the Scottish style.


Subathu : An erstwhile British cantonment that boasts of the ruins of an old Gurkha fort.

Kairighat : Once a dak bungalow, Kairighat now functions as a fine economy hotel, under Himachal Tourism.

Renukaji ( 98 km ) : The largest lake in the state of Himachal Pradesh, that is said to embody goddess Renuka, the mother of Parshurama.

Rajgarh ( 53 km ) : An idyllic area, dotted with several orchards and delightful picnic - spots, like Habban and Nacchna.

Solan ( 8 km ) : Solan's prime attractions are the old Jatoli temple and the Shalooni Devi temple. There is also an ancient brewery and distillery near Solan. On the nearby Rajgarh Road, is the impressive Horticultural and Forestry University. The town also houses some fascinating specimens of old colonial architecture.


Barog lies on the Kalka - Simla highway.


Himachal Tourism runs Hotel Pinewood at Barog, the perfect hotel for those used to spending a luxurious vacation, and those with tight budgets.

Address :
Hotel Pinewood,
Himachal Pradesh - 173 212.
Tel: (01792)8825,8827

Himachal Pradesh