Garo Hills

Garo Hills known for its abundance of wildlife, should interest naturalists and photographers to capture the variegated facets of life of a unique range of flora and fauna. Two mountain ranges - the Arabella range and the Tura range, pass through the Garo Hills, forming the great Balpakram valley in between. The headquarters town of Tura is 323 Kms via Guwahati, at an altitude of 657 Kms.The highest point is Nokrek Peak with elevation of 1412 metres.

Balpakram : A national wildlife Park, 167 Kms from Tura also known as the abode of perpetual winds. It is believed that here, the spirits of the dead dwell temporarily before embarking on the final journey. It is home to the rare Lesser Panda, the Indian bison and the Stag like Serow.

Naphak Lake : is located at a distance of 112 Kms from Tura, ideal for fishing and bird-watching with the river Simsang flowing nearby.

Siju Caves : The famous limestone caves of Siju are located near Napthak Lake and the Simsang stalactites in these caves resemble those of the Blue Grotto in the Isle of Capri. For more details, please see the section on caves below. Rongrengiri : is located at a distance of about 79 Kms from Tura. A historical place where the Garos fought their final battle against the British.

Williamnagar : is 308 Kms from Shillong via Guwahati, headquarters of the East Garo Hills District, it is situated on the banks of the river Simsang.