Archaeological Destinations - Punjab

Due to its rigorous past the best part of ancient Punjab is either in its ruins or underground. At Ropar, called Roop Nagar (the town of beauty is olden times) evidence of Harappan culture of Indus Valley Civilisation and relics of Alexander's Army have been discovered.

The excavations at Dholbaha, the ancient temple town at Hoshiarpur takes back its antiquity to the Pleistocene period of stone age man and shows evidence of continued development of civilisation right down of the 7th and 8th century A.D.The museum containing these relics is situated in Hoshiarpur city.

Ghuram, Patiala District:
The first seat of Muslim Empire in India and the reputed birth place of Mata Kaushalya has ruins which show it is as a great enterpot, the archaeological digs are beginning to reveal indications of the epic age civilisation.

Sanghol, District Fatehgarh Sahib:
Archaeological digs here have yielded relics which date back from Harrapan Culture of 6th century AD. A stupa and a Budhist monastery complex of the Kushan era (Ist-2nd Century AD) has also been unearthed here.