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Bakkahali: It is a beach of great natural beauty. Accommodation and transportation by road from Calcutta is available. It is 132 kms from Calcutta.

Bakreswar: Bakreswar is popular for its hot springs and is also a place of Hindu pilgrimage. A Tourist Lodge provides accommodation and it is accessible by road transport (271 kms from Calcutta).

Bandel: It is a picnic spot and has old colonial building of Portuguese origin. It is conveniently accessible by local trains.

Chandannagore: It is a beautifully laid out town on the banks of the river Hoogly. It was a former French colony. Chandannagore is easily accessible by local trains.

Digha: It is a popular sea-side excursion spot with lots of Casuarina trees. Various types of accommodation are available and it is well served by regular bus services and conducted tours.

Gangasagar: It is a place of Hindu pilgrimage and the site of the Paus Sankranti Mela held during mid-January. It is 135 kms and is accessible by road from Calcutta.

Jairambati: It is an important place of Hindu pilgrimage. It is the birth place of Sarada Devi, the consort of Shri Rama Krishna Paramahansa. Accessible by bus/conducted tours.

Kamarpukur: Birth place of Shri Rama Krishna Paramahansa. It is a Hindu pilgrim spot and has good accommodation provided by the Shri Rama Krishna Mission. It is accessible by road/conducted tour from Calcutta.

Mayapur: It is the headquarters of ISKCON. It is said to be the birth place of Shri Chaitanya and there are temples dedicated to Shri Chaitanya. Accessible by road and train (134 kms from Calcutta).

Murshidabad: It is famous for the Hazardwari now converted into a museum and other historical sites associated with Nawab Siraj-ud-Daula. It was the capital of Bengal before the arrival of the English. Accommodation available at West Bengal Tourist Development Corporation (WBTDC) Tourist Lodge at Berhamupur which is 12 kms away. Murshidabad is accessible by rail and road and is 221 kms from Calcutta.

Nabadwip: Nabadwip is an ancient seat of Sanskrit learning and Vaishnava philosophy. It is a place associated with Shri Chaitanya. It is accessible by rail and road.

Serampore: It is a former Danish colony and has old Danish government buildings and a cemetery. The Serampore College founded in 1818 is associated with Bengal Renaissance. Easily accessible by local trains.

Sunderbans: It is a unique delta for mangrove forests spread over 2606 sq kms and famous for being the home of the Royal Bengal Tiger. This is a biosphere reserve, sanctuary and is also a Project Tiger area. Sajnekhali Tourist Lodge provides reasonable accommodation. Accessible only by conducted tour by boat during October to March. It is 131 kms from Calcutta.

Vishnupur: It is famous for its 17th-18th centuries Bengal Terracotta Temple. Also known as the birth place of the Dhrupad style of classical Indian vocal music. The Jhapan Snake festival during July-August is quite unique. A WBTDC run Tourist Bungalow is available. Easily accessible by road and public transport and conducted tours.

Conducted Tours

Tourist Bureau, Government of West Bengal, 3/2 BBD Bagh (East) - Tel: 2488271 conducts tours by coach in and around Calcutta city.

India Tourism Development Corporation 46C J.L. Nehru Road, Everest Building - Tel: 2420901, 2420922.

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