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En Aasai Machaan

Reviewed by Balaji T.K.
Originally compiled at the Tamil Nadu Home Page

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A brilliant performance by Revathi notwithstanding, En Aasai Machaan, the come back vehicle of director R.Sunderrajan fails to grip the viewer with the narration slipping on many occasions. The story begins with a sub-plot concerning college students Mani (Murali) and Meena (Ranjitha). Mani, even after 100 love letters only manages to incur Meena's wrath and not her love. His efforts only land him in police custody for attempting to outrage her modesty, which is actually a trap by Meena. Mani then explains the reason behind his vain effort to love a girl to the inspector, (Radha Ravi) after he receives a sound beating. His brother Aruchami (Vijayakanth) and Thayamma (Revathi) had not married each other fearing that it may affect their love towards Mani. So, by marrying a girl, Mani had hoped to hasten their wedding. Revathi and Vijayakanth live in village in the same house, without being married, and they command the respect of the village folk, unlike usual Tamil movies.

Meena goes back to the village to her brother's (R.Sunderrajan) place. She is engaged to marry her uncle (Kazan Khan). Revathi sensing the love between Murali and Ranjitha, decides to unite them and acts as a servant in Meena's house to resolve the problem, where she has to thwart the advances of Meena's elder brother. As in every other movie of this genre, no problem is resolved without bloodshed, and since Vijayakanth being a matinee idol, cannot die on screen, its Revathi who sacrifices her life for the cause in a strange ritual of a punishment meted out by the villain. R.Sunderrajan mars the proceedings by acting in a pivotal role. He should have stuck to direction, where he makes costly lapses. Vijayakanth is adequate in the title role, and Revathi excels in another "Panchavarnam" like role (the one she played in Devar Magan). The others do their part. Rajarajan is brilliant behind the camera and his work enhances Revathi's acting, by capturing her in the right moods. Deva has surprisingly come out with a good score and the title instrumental piece stands out. Add half a star if you like Vijayakanth and subtract half if you are not a a fan of the genre of cinema set against a rural backdrop.

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