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Cleverly modifying the sceenplay of "Hum" which incidentally, also starred Rajini, Director Suresh Krishna has crafted a tale of an underworld don turned good samaritan that is bound to make his fans happy. Manickam (Rajini) and his friend (Charan Raj) symbolize the Hindu-Muslim unity of a Tamil community in Bombay. Manickam's father Rangaswami (Vijayakumar) works for a notorious don Marc Anthony (Raguvaran) who is out to cause communal riots. Manickam and his friend crusade against the don, and Manickam becomes Manic Baasha to avenge his friend's death, at Anthony's hand. Their feud leads to the death of Rangaswami, who asks his son to go straight and escape this past. Marc Anthony is jailed, while his aide Keshavan usurps his property, after killing his family and foisting the blame on Manickam.

Manickam, meanwhile settles down in Madras as an autodriver who's always there to lend a hand, and wooing his star customer Nagma in the process. A confrontation with the local rowdy (Anandraj) forces Manickam to return to his violent ways. Marc Anthony learns of his existence, as he believed him to be dead and escapes from the prison to avenge his family's death. The usual battle between the two sides ensues, and as usual, the good triumphs over the evil.

Rajini is his usual self, delivering one-liners with panache, crooning silly tunes to woo his beloved and dispatching off his enimies before you can say the line - " Naan Oru darave Sonna, Adhu Nooru Dharave Sonnadhukku Samanam " which incidentally is his trade-mark line in the movie. Nagma keeps him good company. Raghuvaran is under utilized in the role of the chief baddie. The others fit in nicely. Deva's music is above average with one song coming out tops. A mass entertainer which will have Rajini's fans cheering lustily at his every move, as everything he does is tailored to receive an applause from his fans. (PS:This movie did not have any jabs at Ms.J, maybe because it was a Satya movies production!)

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