Film Review

Kaadhal Desam

*ing: Vineeth, Taboo, Abbas
Director: Katheer
Producer: K.T.Kunjumon
Music: A.R. Rahman

Reviewed by Vijaya Raghavan

Rating : (out of )

Another mediocre one in the endless list of Triangular love films. The director takes almost 3 hours to tell us a story that can be written in the white area of a 1 Rupee note.

The story revolves around three College students. Karthik(Vineeth) is a poor student, with excellent literary skills in writing poems. Arun (Abbas - the newcomer and brother of actress Khushboo) is from a rich background, and a Romeo, with many college girls falling for his background. After some initial inter-college clashes (a trend that has been fast picking in Madras colleges), they become pals. Divya (Taboo) is a rich girl student. Both of them happen to fall for Divya in separate and unrelated incidents. When they get to know that both of them are in love with the same damsel, they part ways. Both of them don't tell Divya of their love for her, for the fear that they might lose her friendship. Divya considers both of them as her intimate friends, unaware of the fact that they were once friends and now acting as strangers.

During the matrimonial hunt for Divya, her father (SPB) advises her to marry one of Arun or Karthik since a strange husband may not stand up to her expectations. The director takes the beaten track, in portraying the 2 heroes trying to sacrifice their love for each other. Finally, they decide to tell Divya separately about their love, and leave the choice to her.Divya's choice is the climax of the movie. I'll be committing a sin by telling you that in advance. So I leave it to your guess.

Katheer's direction ("Idhayam" fame) lacks the punch and innovation. The narration is slow, incoherent, and shaky. The photography lacks clarity. A.R.Rahman's background score is very disappointing, making us doubt, if he has scored this out and out western music for a movie, or a set of ads cobbled together. One exception is the song "Musthafa Musthafa..". Vadivelu's so called comedy is nauseating. How long are we going to accept Vadivelu and Chinni Jayanth as college students?

Unnatural sets (Thotha Tharani- You too?), artificially and unsuccessfully beautified city buses (when did Madras have such good buses or glittering telephone booths?) make the locations all the more alien, and add to our cup of woes. Inspite of so many things turning villain to the director, he has felt it fit to force a villain in to the story, and leave behind him a trail of costly and wasteful violent scenes, going off at a tangent to the story. Reasonably good acting by Vineeth, Abbas(OK for a new comer) and ravishing looks of Taboo, make us sit thru' till the climax. Producer K.T.Kunjumon needs to introspect, if it is worthwhile spending money on such projects which gives the viewers a run for their money.

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