Film Review

Kalluri Vasal

Directed by: Pavithran
*ing: Ajitkumar, Pooja Bhatt, Prashanth, Devyani, Mannivannan
Music: Deva

Reviewed by: Shanthi Himachalapathy

Rating : (out of )

The movie is supposed to be aimed at the college audience, but the way the story is, it does not seem to reach them. It is a triangle love story which is repeated in both half of the movie with Pooja Bhatt as the link.

In the first half, Prashanth falls in love with Pooja, and thinks that she has the same feelings for him. Therefore he arranges a betrothal between them. On the day of the betrothal he gets a shock when he realizes that Pooja is with Ajit, Prashanth's best friend.

This leads to the second half where she talks about her bosom friend Devyani who mistakes Ajit's love for Pooja for herself. Pooja finds out about this and she trys to dump Ajit but Ajit gets angry and he marries Pooja. Devyani becomes bewildered and jumps of the building and dies on Pooja's lap. Pooja won't live with Ajit after that.

The rest of the movie is about how Pooja and Ajit get together. Manivannan acts as the Pooja's scheming father who wants to get rich by marrying Pooja to rich kid, Prashanth. He even goes as far in trying to kill Ajit at a dance competition using Prashanth's rival, Milton.

Songs of this movie have a very good techno beats, but the choreography doesn't match with some of the song sequences.

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