Direction, Production, and Story : Ram Gopal Verma
*ing : Jackie Shroff, Aamir Khan, Urmilla, Gulshan Grover, and Reema Lagoo.
Music : A.R. Rehman
Lyrics : Mehboob

Reviewed by Avinash Ramchandani

Rating : (out of )

I had great expectationsfrom Rangeela, A.R. Rehman's first Hindi movie, Urimilla's first movie with a large role, and Aamir Khan's first movie since Aatank Hi Aatank (which was a flop). I don't know how much you awaited this movie, but it was on par for my expectations. Comapred to the recent movies that have been released (like Saajan Ki Bahoon Mein, Aatank Hi Aatank, Gundaraj, Veer, Ahankaar, Love in Jungle, Oh Darling Yeh Hai India, Sanam Harjai, Guddu, Hulchul, etc...) this movie ranks at the top of the list.

Mili (Urmilla) is a middle-class young woman that wishes to be an actress. She dances with the group of Saroj Khan's dancers but hasn't gotten a break yet. Muna (Aamir Khan) is an orphan that has a close relationship with her family and her. One day Muna arrives at the set of one of Mili's movies, and realizes that he loves her. Of course, Muna has the "normal troubles" to tell Mili that he loves her. One day, while at the beach, Mili starts dancing, and the famous actor comes and sees her. This famous actor is Rajkamal (Jackie Shroff) and he forces the director to sign her for his next movie "Rangeela". During the shooting of "Rangeela" she is roaming with Rajkamal but Muna feels "dissed", as he feels that Mili has become a big movie star and is right for her to marry Rajkamal. When the movie is compelted, Muna doesn't arrive at Mili's primere show and writes her a note that he is leaving the town and doesn't want to get in between Mili and Rajkamal's relationship. But Mili didn't think that she and Rajkamal had a relationship, she actually loved Muna. Meanwhile, Rajkamal fell in love with Mili, but as in most movies with Jakie Shroff as a supporting actor, he doesn't get the girl. So Mili and Rajkamal run out of the primere and get Muna. Today, Mili and Muna live happily every after in "movie land".

Aamir Khan again proves the talent that he has as an actor; Jackie Shroff has a very insignificant role, but he does a wonderful job in it. Urmilla is excellent in a very different role ("a cat role") than her previous movies. There is a share of comedy in the movie and (good news for the family) there is minimal violence (but no blood shed)! The first six songs are excellent, the last two get boring. The best are Rangeela Re, Tanha Tanha, and Kya Kare Kya Na Kare. They also have excellent choreography, except for two numbers (Pyar Yeh Jaane Kaisa and Hai Rama) which get too repetetive. Cinemetography is outstanding and attention is paid to coloring. Direction is first class.

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