Power YOGA for Body & Mind

YOGI Ramesh Pandey

YOGA Master of TV Fame

For 25 years, YOGI Ramesh has served as a guide to thousands of spiritualastronauts, health professionals and people in every walk of life. He has beenteaching YOGA in Los Angeles for the past 11 years.

YOGI Ramesh is a well knownparticipant in seminars and workshops throughout the United States, Europe and Asia, having appeared with best-selling author and television personality Dr. Deepak Chopra(author of Ageless Body, Timeless Mind and other books).

A pioneer of Power YOGA in America, YOGI Ramesh appears regularly onCentury, United, Continental and CableVision, as well as LIVE shows.


Learn How Power YOGA for Body & Mind Can Help

* Reduce Stress* Improve Circulation* Weight Loss
* Increase Flexibility* Improve Nervous System* Mental Clarity
* Deepen the Breath and Calm the Mind* Be Healthy and Happy

The YOGA at Home Video Series

oPower YOGAoEasy YOGA for Busy People
* YOGA for Ailments* YOGA with Ramesh
* YOGA for Seniors and Children

Each Video tape is only $19.95 + 3.05 Shipping & Handling.


Call 1-877-FOR-YOGA
FAX: (562)529-3290

YOGA Classes in Southern California
at 340 So. Hauser Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036
Please call for schedule and information.

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