Note: The information provided herein is of general nature, and should not be construed as professional medical advice.

  What is my Body Type? 
Vata Constitution  

By: Dr.Mary Jo Cravatta

People of Vata constitution are generally physically underdeveloped. Their chest is flat and their veins and muscle are visible. The complexion is brown, the skin is cold, rough, dry and cracked. There usually are a few moles present, which tend to be dark.

Vata people generally are either too tall or too short, with thin frames which reveal prominent joints and bone-ends because of poor muscle development. The hair is curly and scanty, the eyelashes are thin and the eyes lusterless. The eyes may be sunken, small, dry, active and the conjunctiva is dry and muddy. The nails are rough and brittle. The shape of the nose is bent and turned up.

Physiologically, the appetit and digestion are variable. Vata-people crave sweet, sour and salty tastes and like hot drinks. The production of urin is scanty and the feces are dry, hard and small in quantity. They have a tendancy to perspire less than other constitutional types. Their sleep may be stripped and they will sleep less than the other types. Their hands and feet are often cold. These people are creative, active, alert and restless. They talk fast and walk fast but they are easily fatigued.

Psychologically, they are characterized by short memory but quick mental understanding. They will understand something immediately, but will soon forget it. They have little willpower, tend toward mental instability and possess little tolerance, confidence or boldness. Their reasoning power is weak and these people are nervous, fearful and afflicted by much anxiety.

Each constitutional type also exhibits certain patterns in interactions with the external environment. Vata people tend to earn money quickly and also to spend it quickly. Thus, they tend to remain poor.



  • You perform activities very quickly.
  • You are not good at memorizing things and then remembering them later.
  • You are enthusiatic and vivacious by nature.
  • You have a thin physique - you don't gain weight easily.
  • You have always learned new things very quickly.
  • You tend to have difficulty making decisions.
  • You tend to develop gas or become constipated easily.
  • You tend to have cold hands and feet.
  • You become anxious or worried frequently.
  • You don't tolerate cold weather as well as most people.
  • You speak quickly and friends think that you are talkative.
  • Your mood changes easily and you are somewhat emotional by nature.
  • You often have difficulty in falling asleep or having a sound night's sleep.
  • Your skin tends to be very dry, especially in the winter.
  • Your mind is very active, sometimes restless, but also very imaginative.
  • Your movements are quick and active; your energy tends to come in bursts.
  • You are easily excitable.
  • Left on your own, your eating and sleeping habits tend to be irregular.
  • You learn quickly, but you also forget quickly.