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Some Common Beauty Problems

by: Shahnaz Husain

Caring for Dry Skins

Take one tablespoon olive oil and mix with two tablespoons of fresh cream. Leave it on the face for 10 minutes. Remove with cotton wool pads soaked in warm water. To one tablespoon honey, add 15 drops of orange juice, one tablespoon fuller's earth and one tablespoon rose water. Mix well and apply on face. Wash off after 10 minutes.

Mix well one tablespoon each of corn flakes, almond and olive oil or fresh cream. Apply on the face and leave it on for 10 minutes. Then rinse will.

Many herbal extracts have been used in specialized treatment in the form of masks. Among these are the honey apricot peel off pack, seaweed masks, protein packs and acne packs.


Apart from the moisturizing effect of honey and the firming qualities of apricot, this pack has been used successfully in treatment of facial hair. Constant use over a period of time, discourages facial hair growth, and removes it.

The pack is applied in an even film on the face. When it dries, it is peeled off, thus weakening the roots of facial hair. At the same time, it helps nourish the skin, leaving it tight and refreshed.

Seaweed Masks

Seaweed is said to have a revitalizing effect on the skin, regaining and maintaining the smooth, healthy appearance of a youthful skin. It is an intensive moisturizing treatment, rehydrating the skin, especially the delicate tissues which surround the eye.

The mask also conveys valuable minerals to the skin, preventing the formation of wrinkles and promoting blood circulation. Dull, dehydrated skins would benefit most seaweed treatment.

Protein Pack

This is another specialized treatment, containing natural proteins and sandalwood. It not only makes the skin firm and smooth, but also helps deep cleanse it. It provides the skin with nourishment, retexturizing it and giving it a new lease of life. It also helps in tisue building and accelerating the cell renewal process.

Acne Packs

Oily, rashy and acne conditions require special masks which contain extracts of eucalyptus, clove and sandalwood. These are all antiseptic treatments which have curative properties, at the same time preventing the spread of infection.

When we talk of the skin, we not only mean the facial skin. The skin is all pervading. That is why many herbal and organic extracts have been used for body care, to improve the quality of the skin on our body and to make it firm and smooth.

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