INDOlink proudly presents IndiGO - a fully integrated personal communicator, instant messenger, and a community networking tool. IndiGO is a revolutionary product that adds value, fun and social networking to your Web surfing experience, allowing you to get the very most out of the Internet and to meet new people in the bargain! What's more, your privacy is protected and you can remain completely anonymous.

The best part is that IndiGO is absolutely FREE! And, it is fully compatible with ICQ - the popular instant messenger, so you can easily communicate with other members who use ICQ.

Check out all the great new features in IndiGO 2.5!

IndiGO lets you see all the people that are on the same web page/site as you. Chat with an individual or group on the same page. Tailor your mood (choose from happy, mellow, fabulous, bored, etc.) to find like minds. Adjust your profile to locate kindred spirits.

Find a friend by IndiGO ID number, add them to your friends list, and instantly see when they're online. Send instant messages, exchange URLs, share files, and post notes on web sites. Keep a record with the history feature and the recent contacts list.

IndiGO runs in the background, requiring minimal resources and bandwidth. While you surf the web, IndiGO alerts you when there other surfers with you on the same site.

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