Intl. Conference of Tamils in Maryland, May, 2000  

By: INDOlink Washington Bureau - December 23, 1999

The World Council of Tamils is organizing the First International Conference in Southern Maryland, in the Holdiay Inn, worlwide quality excellence Three Diamond Hotel from May 26 to 28, 2000 AD. The theme of the conference is: "The Future of Tamils in the Next Millennium; Resources and Recommendations". This conference provides oppurtunities for everyone - all academic scholars and non-academic traditional scholarship to build a great future for the Tamils, considering the great treasure of information which is much advanced to present day human comprehension yet the greatness of them not much informed to the world.

The three day conference is planning to have everyday Seminar presentations and cultural presentations.

Further information can be obtained from:

The World Council of Tamils
Contact Person: Dr. Selvin Kumar, Ph. D.
Phone: 410-495-8020 / Fax: 410-586-9140
P. O. Box 47, St. Leonard, Maryland 20685
E-mail Address: