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World's Youngest Doctor wants to Set Up Medical Practice in India


Singapore - When two-year-old Bala yelled "triangle" on seeing a piece of diagonally cut bread slice, Murlikrishna Rao Ambati knew his child was some-one exceptional.

Fifteen years later, Murlikrisshna's hopes came true when his younger son, Balakrishna or Bala, became the world's youngest doctor at the age of 17, when most youth complete high school.

The soft-spoken bespectacled doctor, now 18-years-old, says loads of hard work and God's grace are responsible for his achievements.

He dismisses notions that he could not have achieved what he has if he had still lived in India. Dr. Ambati and his parents are US Citizens. They left for the US in 1980 when Balakrishna was three years old.

"The place makes no difference. I did it in the United States, no one has done it there so far. So I don't see why I could not have it in India," Dr. Ambati said.

He acknowledged that the US offered more facilities and opportunities but feels that an Indian Doctor's physical diagnosis prowess was far superior to an American doctor's, "in such cases I feel that Indian medical colleges are better, they teach a doctor to be more reliant on his own skills, rather than depending on machines."

But the path to success has not been easy for the young doctor, who looks mature beyond his age of 18 years. "We had to go to the court, speak to Governors, Mayors" to clear hurdles barring him from taking higher exams.

Balamurli passed his school when he was 11 years old. "I started first grade at six like everybody but within two keeks I was moved to the second grade and after that I just moved to higher classes at a fast pace," Dr. Ambati says in a matter-of-fact tone.

His father, working for the US Government, however, feels a Child's superior performance could be in the genes. He claims that he had passed high school at the age of 14.

The Ambatis were in Singapore at the invitation of a local newspaper. During his stay, Dr. Ambati drew large crowds with people eager to meet the "world's youngest doctot."

Balamurli Ambati was born in Madras, India and obtained a degree in medicine from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in the US.

After schooling, he graduated in biology from the New York University at the age of 13. In the US, anyone who wants to take up medicine has to first do B.A. and then enter a school of medicine for four years.

Balamurli feels that he has not missed out anything while "growing up so fast."

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