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"Paan" Liqueur Invades US in Grand Style


LONG BEACH, CA - Granduer and splendor set the stage, Aug. 26 for the official America debut of the India liqueur "Paan" amidst dancing girls, band performances and other entertainers.

More than 350 guests were treated to several variety samples of the Indian liqueur which is not only an after dinner drink, but is also used as an ingredient in several cocktails as well. The liqueur has a nutty flavor with a rich essence aroma derived form a combination of saffron, cardamom and sandalwood. There is no betel nut used in the product the promoters explained at the evening.

A product of Sikkim Distilleries Ltd., Paan is 40% owned by the local government, and is exported by the India Distilleries Distributors' sister company in New Delhi, which was represented that evening by Harmeet Singh, who sits on the board of directors.

After two years of negotiations, Indian Distilleries Distributors in California received the worldwide rights to distribute Paan. In Southern California Paan will be sold to stores and retail outlets through Paul Quakenbush's Shamrock Distributors.

In addition to targeting restaurants because of the products' culinary attributes, India Distilleries Distributors plan to promote Paan extensively in the Asian market and through the yacht, golf and country club scene.

The recipe remains a secret and one that has changed little over the years. Paan produced from pure Himalayan water is a rich, smooth and silky golden liqueur. A blend of spices and other rare ingredients, Paan features a full-bodied exotic taste enhanced by a distinctive sweet nutty flavor layered with the many subtle aromatic flavors of saffron, cardamom, nutmeg and mace.

Although Paan has its origins in India, its unique and mysterious flavors have made it one of the most popular and widely accepted imported liqueurs in the Southeast Asian communities for many years. Now it's time for Americans to discover the new taste sensation of this fabled liqueur.

According to India Distilleries Distributors, Inc., exclusive importer for Paan, their preliminary test market studies have shown that because of the ability of this liqueur to subtly refresh the palate after spicy meals, the multiethnic communities would provide an ideal testing marketplace. "Initially we found consumers eager to enjoy the versatility of Paan Liqueur as an after dinner drink. But we've been amazed at the brand's recent surge in popularity," says Bill Holden, vice-president of India Distilleries Distributors.

According to Holden, Paan is targeted toward man and women aged 21 to 35 who prefer a sweeter liqueur when consumed as a shooter, the greater the sales. Shooters have really caught on with the younger crowds, a trend that shows no signs of slowing down and, shot for shot, Paan is a great shooter," says Holden. "The potential to build the brand's momentum and presence in other markets is limitless."

Cordials and liqueurs aren't just for sipping. Paan will add a new ingredient to the culinary world. "We are in the process of crating various dishes, including appetizers, entr<\i>es and desserts, using Paan as an ingredient to demonstrate how easily this liqueur can be incorporated into a variety of recipes that consumers can duplicate at home. And this is a great way to enhance favorite dishes," says Holden.

Paan will be available in stores within the next two weeks. Further information can be received from 1-800-400-PAAN.

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