The Ocean of Your Eyes

(translated from: "Teri Samundar Ankhon Mein" by Faiz Ahmed Faiz)

This edge of sunlight, as evening descends,
the meeting point of dark and light,
'fore tommorrow begins and this day ends: 
a pause between the day and the night. 
Eternal for a moment, 
Transient in a moment, 
on this edge of sunlight, for a fraction of time. 
the impatience of lips; arms in contact;
our union needs not to attest, misbelieve
or blame, what need is there to deceive?
The evening sun sets in the depths of your eyes
as in peaceful sleep the homedweller lies
and the traveller takes to the road with a sigh.

Original Urdu Poem: "Teri Samundar Ankhon Mein"

by Faiz Ahmed Faiz
Yah dhup kinara shaam dhalen, 
Milte hain dono waqt jahan, 
Jo raat na din, jo aaj na kal, 
pal bhar ko amar, pal bhar mein dhuaan
Is dhup kinaare pal do pal. 
Hothon ki lapak 
Baahon ki khanak 
Yah mel hamaara jhooth na sach
Kyon raar karen, kyon dosh dharen
kis kaaran jhoothi baat karen
Jab teri samandar aankhon mein 
Is shaam ka suraj dubega
Sukh soyenge ghar dar waale
Aur rahi apni rah lega. 

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