Insight about Vastu Purusha  
by: Khushal Sachdeva (

The “Vastu Purusha” is said to be the spirit of the site. The image of the Vastu Purusha is drawn in the form of a human male and who lies on the site with the head towards the North East, legs in the South-West, right hand in the North-West and left hand in the South-East, his position fitting exactly in a square.

means surrounding, environment or nature, (Prakriti in Sanskrit).

means energy, work power, vigor or soul (Shakti in Sanskrit).

means the astrological chart-which relates the layout to the orientation.

As per one Hindu Mythology, Lord Shiva was fighting with some demon and he later won the battle. During the fight Lord Shiva’s sweat dripped onto the ground and formed a powerful being, this being was later named Vastu Purush.

Vastu Purush was very hungry and was a dedicated devotee of Lord Shiva. He meditated so immensely that Lord Shiva was compelled to grant Vastu Purush a boon. Vastu Purush asked Lord Shiva that be made so powerful that he could devour the 3 worlds.

Lord Shiva granted this boon. Other Gods were frightened and felt insecure and thereafter got together and over powered Vastu Purush. The Gods & Divinities held him from within the body of Vastu Purush and also from outside in such a way that he was pinned down to the ground with his face downwards.

Vastu Purush prayed to God for help. Gods then gave Vastu Purush an additional boon (Vara) that every person would worship Vastu Purush prior to commencement of construction and before “Graha Pravesh and also that Vastu Purush would look after the inhabitants who did not hurt him. Any body who constructs buildings on a plot of land without adhering to the principles would be subjected to any kind of evil force and would not prosper.

Forty Five Gods or Deities are constituent of the body of Vastu Purush, their number necessarily is the same in the mandal of 64 or 81. Only the extent allotted to each of the deity differs but not their relative position in the plan.

Since that period of time, most of our ancestors have built building etc. in accordance to the position of Vastu Purush and nature’s principles.

Vishwakarma, the divine builder, declared that because of Vastu Shastra the entire universe enjoys good health, happiness and prosperity. Vastu Shastra, is a fascinating mix of science, art, astronomy and mysticism.

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