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As per Vastu Shastra , Lord Agni (Agneya) is the presiding Lord of the South-East portion and the planet associated here is “Shukra – Venus”. It is imperative to place the gas stove in the right position and the person should face East whilst cooking.

Idealistically the Kitchen should be in the South-East portion of the home. The second best position is the North West corner. Never have a kitchen in the North East portion or the central portion of the home (Brahmsthan).

The gas burner stove should be placed in the South-Eastern side of the kitchen so that the person faces East while doing cooking.

The water filter or pitcher (“Matka” ) should be in the North-East corner of the kitchen, so that you fill water for personal consumption from the most idealistic location.

The kitchen sink should be on the Northern wall.

The heaters , conventional ovens, micro-waves ovens should be placed on the South-Eastern or southern side of the kitchen and never in the North East portion.

The refrigerator and food stocks should be in the North-West or West portion to have abundance of food in the house at all times.

Mezzanine floor / storage shelves should be in the south or western portion of the kitchen.

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