Bed room  
by: Khushal Sachdeva (


At the end of the day, after all that stress and strain we feel totally exhausted. What we require is a comfortable sleep to replenish and recharge the energies and give rest to our over-worked body.

Generally, We all spend one third of our life in the bedroom. It is imperative to adhere to Vastu Shastra principles and keep that part of the home as comfortable as possible.

Master bedroom should be in the South West corner of the house, in order to have total control of the house and have a peaceful life..

Children’s room should be to the North or East of the Master bedroom. Children and especially unmarried girls should not stay in the South West corner bedroom.

The guest room should be in the North West corner. If you do not want guests to boss over you or over-stay in your home then never allocate the South West bedroom to them

Place the bed in such a manner that your head is towards the South or the East. Avoid sleeping with head towards West.

Never sleep with your head towards the North, else you will have sleepless nights and you will remain restless and uneasy. It is said that dead bodies are placed with the head towards North and legs towards South.

Place the ward-robes and heavy furniture on the South-West portion of the room.

To enjoy a peaceful & blissful married life, place the dressing table / mirror on the Eastern or Northern wall but never have a dressing table mirror opposite your bed and do not have 2 single beds joined together to form a double bed.

Bedroom should be painted in pastel shades of blues, greens, off whites etc. Do not use bright & dark colours in the bedroom.

Do not have a fish aquarium or real plants in the bed-room.

The bathroom door should not directly face the bed. Keep the bathroom door closed at all times.

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