Drawing Room & Dining Room   
by: Khushal Sachdeva (sachdeva@indolink.com)

The living room or drawing room is a reflection of your tastes, status and style. Your guest carry an everlasting impression of your lifestyle based on the arrangement and layouts in this part of your home, so do not neglect the Vastu settings in this zone.

Your social meetings and some business meetings are held in the drawing room – living room and it is essential that you face the correct direction in order to achieve the positive benefits and you remain in command and your guests are facing the opposite side and hence cannot over-rule and dominate you. Vastu principles implemented in this order shall elevate your confidence and take charge of positive energies.

Do not let go of this wonderful opportunity of re arranging your home according to Vastu.

Living room should be in the North or East side of the home. Avoid the North East and South West part for having a living room.

The slope of the flooring should be towards North or East.

The head of the family and other senior family members should sit facing North or East during discussions. The guests and visitors should face West or South.

Paint the walls in pastel shades of blues, greens, yellow, white etc. Do not paint the walls in dark shades., although one small wall on the East can be of darker green or a small wall on the South could be painted in bright maroon in order to add to the grace and have positive vibes.

Place the television and air-conditioners in the South East corner of the room. Strictly Avoid the North East corner or the South West corner.

Heavy chandeliers should be placed in the Southern and Western part of the room and not in the exact center (Brahmsthan)

Place heavy furniture and cupboards in the South West part of the living room.

Lighting of the Living room should be bright and the heavy chandeliers should be placed in the South-West portion and never in the central part (Brahmasthan)

It is advisable to have windows towards the East or North portion so that positive energies flow into the home.

Do not sit below the beams or girders.

Mr. Khushal Sachdeva is a professional Vastu Consultant based in Mumbai. He can be contact by Email: sachdeva@indolink.com, Telephone: 91-22-6343763 and 6924663, Fax:91-022-6330588