Frequently asked questions (FAQ).  
by: Khushal Sachdeva (

What are the benefits of modifying my home and office as per Vastu Shastra principles ?

Your life is upset , everything around you is not the way you like it to be. Your desires and goals are endless and the means to satisfy them are becoming increasingly difficult. You have to find ways to achieve our goals. Be reasonable take Vastu shastra as your “Angel” of help in the hour of crises.

One can experience changes in life by getting the mind and body to be more active and have extra energies to do more in life rather than having a run down feeling. Sleeping in the wrong direction can upset the temperamental condition of the person, due to the North pole magnetism.

It is imperative to harness the amazing power of nature and live in tune with it since we ourselves are evolved by nature, we live in nature and would perish and return back to nature.

Would I be highly successful and wealthy after I make the modification in my house as per Vastu Shastra science ?

After modifying your home and work place as per Vastu Shastra guidelines, You would find remarkable improvement in your attitude towards life, you would be relatively more at peace and would be able to work efficiently. This would translate into prosperity and happiness, but the degree of benefit would also depend on your “karmas (deeds)” and your destiny.

Do I need to adhere to Vastu principles even if I am reasonably comfortable monetarily and physically as of now?

Yes, if you seem to be in top gear as of now, there are chances that unknowingly your home and work place are Vastu compliant to some extent, but, because each one of us craves for more wealth, happiness and peace of mind it is important to take advise of a Vastu consultant so that maximum amount of positive energies flowing in your environment and you are able to tap your true potential.

Does Vastu Shastra science really work ?

I would answer this with a “Big – Yes” . You have to be convinced that Vastu Shastra is a perfect Indian Vedic Science and is not a hoax. Innumerable Companies & Personalities have benefited by implementing Vastu Shastra principles.

Is it alright if I read articles or a book on Vastu Shastra and do the modifications and changes myself ?

Please refrain your self from practicing this scientific form just by reading or hearing from some one. Instead of gathering bits and pieces of advise it would be better to go deep into the science and study all the aspects and principles of Vastu Shastra or take professional advise from an experienced Vastu Consultant to help you harness the positive vibes.

It’s a small price you pay for a better tomorrow. You may not be aware that your home is not set right even though it looks alright.

Vastu Consultant is not merely a narrator of book knowledge he is the one who has built up the insight into the science and has the power to translate and incorporate the scientific principles without distorting the facts and in a simplified confident manner.

He suggests remedies to energize the directions by implementing the Vastu Shastra principles and also by placement of plants, mirrors, lights, energized Yantras etc in order to counter balance the defects and charge the environment with positive energies which would translate into prosperity & happiness.

Mr. Khushal Sachdeva is a professional Vastu Consultant based in Mumbai. He can be contact by Email:, Telephone: 91-22-6343763 and 6924663, Fax:91-022-6330588