Pooja Room & Treasury (Vaults)  
by: Khushal Sachdeva (sachdeva@indolink.com)

Abode of Gods.

While planning the interiors of our homes, we must not side line the need to make place for our GODS. A “Pooja ghar” (Mandir - Temple ) space is required to be reserved for our Gods. Life without the blessing of our elders and Almighty God is an empty space to live in.

Due to space constraints many of us tend to ignore the fact that God also needs a place for himself, and it is of utmost importance to dedicate a small area in our home and office for God and maintain the cleanliness and sanctity.

Thus by creating a place for God within our home we are creating a place for him within our selves and this is essential for leading a happy and contended life not only for ourselves but also the entire family.

The positive spiritual vibrations generated by performing Pooja and by reciting the “Mantras” would energize the environment, our mind and our body. We would be able to work effectively, be peaceful and be happy.

The Mandir (Temple – Pooja room) should be located in the North Eastern Corner of the home or work place. The Photos or Idols of God should be facing East or West, so that either God or You are facing East.

It is also advisable to have a Tulsi plant for worship and good omen.

The Cash and Valuables should be placed in the East facing cupboards, so that when the cupboard door (Shutter) opens the valuables are exposed towards the Eastern direction.

Mr. Khushal Sachdeva is a professional Vastu Consultant based in Mumbai. He can be contact by Email: sachdeva@indolink.com, Telephone: 91-22-6343763 and 6924663, Fax:91-022-6330588