Are there any open Minded Guys  

Dear Monisha:

Hi! I am a spinster and none of relationships are working out. I am a very outgoing, career oriented girl. I am looking out for a guy who is open minded and caring but I find that most of the guys are looking out for quiet domesticated kind of girls! I donīt know what to do and am thoroughly confused.

My Career is going great but personal life is down in dumps!! Hoping for a practical advice.

Not so damsel but in distress.

Dear Not So Damsel But in Distress,

I am sorry that none of your relationships are working out. I can understand your situation but there is not much that you can do except for wait till you see some open minded and caring guys. From experience, I see that most South Asian guys have an ego and are always looking for the traditional domesticated girls. The idea to see a woman doing better than them drives them crazy.

From experience, once again, I have seen "traditional" guys that married to successful girls pushing girls out of their career and therefore insulting them. Most of the time this relationship ends up in a divorce, separation or the girl leaves her career and ends up being a housewife.

My advise for you is to continue searching throughly for guys, preferably from bit less traditional families and lived and brought up abroad. Maybe these guys could have a bit more of an open-mind to more career oriented girls.

Good Luck.

Lots of Loves,


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