by: Anonymous Author

You really learn to appreciate you parents after you enter college and move away from home. When I was in high school, I thought that my mom never understood anything. I did listen to my mom only to hear her, it basically went in one ear and out the other.

But, now that I am in college and only see my parents about two weeks out of the year, I realize that she did understand a lot of things and that I should have been friends with her. I see the relationships that my friends have with their parents and realize that in some ways I am very lucky.

I think in high school or when you are living with your parents you donīt appreciate your parents as much as when you move out. Things that my parents said about five years ago about my future, five years from then are true today.

This is not a tribute to my parents or my mom, but it is a fact that in todays world when they are trying to teach you Indian culture and you are trying to teach them the American way of life, that their will come a point where all the arguements will make sense, so give them the benefit of the doubt, I wish I had.