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Here is the feedback from some of our advertisers - a testimony of their success!
"I want to express my sincere appreciation of the service provided by INDOlink for the account of ZIRCA - the first marketeer of long distance pin phone cards, real time, on the Web. We began advertising on INDOlink in October 98, and immediately started getting over 100 sales leads per day. Those leads have been for us very profitable and we are happy to continue our ads on INDOlink.

Advertising with INDOlink seem to attract the kind of consumers interested in purchasing ZIRCA's long distance service and I must say it has been the best campaign we have had so far. In addition as we target specific holidays all throughout the year, your responsiveness and willingness to modify our banners as often as we have been wanting has been for us a key element towards the success of the campaign."

- Philippe Larue, President, ZIRCA, INC.

"INDOlink has been hosting and promoting our site since 1995. Initially, we had wanted a "Web Site" and our own "Domain name" just for the internet presence, as very few if any Insurance Brokers were on the web in 1995. To our utter amazement and delight your site has from day one, and still continues to produce more leads for us than any other marketing vehicle. Most Software Companies that come to us for Liability and Medical Insurance have come via INDOlink. We get over 100 leads per day for various Insurance needs.

What's most important is that you are always willing to make changes to our site as our marketing direction changes, and this at a moments notice. We have grown to become one of the leading Insurance brokers in the Silicon Valley specializing in the Software and Computer Industry's Insurance needs, and I am convinced that our presence on the web and leads from your site are a significant reason for this growth.

Thank You INDOlink!"

- Zain Jeewanjee, President, Zain Jeewanjee Insurance Agency

"One of the greatest things to have happened for our Company, is our association with INDOlink. It is nearly five years that we started promoting our prestigious project PARIPOORANA ESTATES via INDOlink. In these five years our business has expanded manifold, thanks to our campaign on the Internet through INDOlink. Not only have we had a large number of bookings of houses in our project by NRIs, we have also received excellent advise on variety of issues from INDOlink. They have provided us a quality of service which is very rare to find. I can proudly confess that we have got the value for our money thousand times over by associating with INDOlink."

- A. Sridharan, Director, Sankar Realtors and Properties (P) Ltd.

"Until I met INDOlink, my clientele was limited to the local region; and now, thanks to my web presence on INDOlink, its boundless. I am getting orders for my Yoga Books and Video Tapes from all over the world, and I could'nt have reached this global audience without INDOlink. I have only them to thank for the success of my business!"

- Vasanthi Bhat, Founder, Vasantha Yoga

"We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the production of educational audio-visual materials for the families of Indian Immigrants. We feel extremely thankful to INDOlink for introducing us to the Indian community across the globe. Many of us may not be fully aware of the magnitude of INDOlink's readership and the great service it renders to the worldwide Indian community. We have taken full advantage of this modern technology, and are extremely happy to see that we are recognized far and wide. Almost all our current orders come only through INDOlink."

- K. Mukherjee, Founder President, The Association of Grandparents of Indian Immigrants

"I have found that your site has generated a response which we had not expected in the initial stages and therefore we were very pleasantly surprised. This has reaffirmed my own strong convictions about the effectiveness of Internet as the new media of the next century. You have very successfully blended various elements of intrests for the NRIs all over the world and this in turn has created a great site for businesses like ours to be able to reach them all over the world. I thank you for your tremendous efforts and enterprise to make INDOlink one of the most successful site on the internet, and wish you continued success!"

- Harish Chinai, CEO, ALPINE Capital Preservation, Inc.

"Anyone, now would testify that the Internet is a powerful media for your products. We have all realized this, and INDOlink made it possible for us. It is easy to throw your products open to the hundreds of thousands of NRI's who visit the site daily. It made our work easy, inexpensive, efficient and overall profitable. To really summarize, INDOlink is like a NRI bazaar that is full everyday, and that is where we want to be to sell our products."

- Manish Soman, President, NRI Property Investments, Inc.

"INDOlink has offered us a complete one-stop solution for developing and hosting our travel agency's custom web-site, integrating on-line reservation system, as well as actively advertising it on the internet. Right from conceptualizing to execution, they handled everything - and sure enough my results speak for their effort! The amount of exposure and business leads I am receiving, is well beyond my expectation. I am glad that we could rely on INDOlink to deliver the goods for us!"

- S. Dhillon, President, Great American Internet Travel, Inc.

"INDOlink has created a tremendous new powerful medium to reach India oriented people around the world. What will be the future of information media, INDOlink has created today. INDOlink has provided high quality web page design & advertising services for my company at very reasonable prices. They are thorough professionals who make you feel right at home and take care of all aspects of internet presence and marketing. They have 'gone the extra mile' for me on many occasions."

- Niranjan Mehta, President, New Dynamic Inc.

"It is our pleasure to recommend INDOlink for WEB designing and WEB hosting. INDOlink developed our WEB-Site in a very short time. They were very helpful in suggesting and drawing the layout for our WEB-Page. We got tremendous exposure to our business in US and abroad, due to their planning and advice by putting our business in the cyber space. INDOlink's cost to host our WEB-Site is modest, and their turn around time to make changes from time to time is minimal. INDOlink's personal effort to advertise their own site was instrumental to bring new business to us."

- B. Chandel, President, AA TO Z TRAVEL

"I had inserted a small classified ad on Indolink inviting NRIs to return to jobs opportunities in India. The response was tremendous! From the response it seems that this site surely has a lot of high profile visitors."

- Bharat Gera, Think Ahead

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