Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy is India's premier economic research organisation. Set up in 1976, the Centre, today, is a key source of the most uptodate and reliable information, the most incisive analysis and the best insights into the future trends available on the Indian economy. CMIE's think tank is built of 40 professionals in the fields of economics, commerce, statistics, science, engineering and software.

CMIE has built a large and well integrated database on the Indian economy. The results of its continuous monitoring and research activities are available primarily through three services -- The Economic Intelligence Service (EIS), Corporate Information on Magnetic Medium (CIMM), and the Investments Intelligence Service (IIS).

Under the EIS service, CMIE presents its research work in the form of a set of well designed documents. A pre-scheduled set of documents are shipped out every month to the subscribers of this service. EIS is designed to keep decision makers in business, government and academics abreast of developments in the Indian economy.

Under the CIMM service, CMIE offers a database of more than 3,000 companies of India with a user friendly menu driven software front-end. This service is used extensively by investors and corporate planners.

CMIE's latest service, IIS, monitors and reports upon new projects. Classifying data on project type, stage of implementation, promoters, location, etc., the Service is issued in quarterly Surveys, updated monthly.

CMIE is a fully privately owned and completely independent company.

CMIE is headquartered in Bombay, and has offices elsewhere.

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Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, Bombay
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