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Author: Vasanthi Bhat
Publisher:Vasantha Yoga,2003
Reviewer:K.R. Srinivas Iyer
After the successful publication of "The Power of Conscious Breathing in Hatha Yoga", which is well-received by the public, the author Vasanthi Bhat who is an internationally recognized yoga teacher has ventured to publish another book (Pocket book on Meditation) keeping in mind the needs of those who want a book which can help them to practice Meditation Throughout the Day. It outlines vividly, with beautiful and inspiring illustrations, how best one can live the daily life, with peace and tranquillity maintaining the rhythm of harmonious life.

She envisages that if one takes care of mental state in the morning, the entire day will take care of itself. As one gets up from bed, at least a couple of minutes must be spent in thinking positively with optimism and willingness to dedicate one’s life in the service of humanity-with determination to eschew hatred, anger, morbid selfish desires etc. Keeping the book always with you, you can overcome many difficult situations that arise in life. If one follows the easy instructions given in the book, I can candidly profess that, one can lead a blissful and serene life, free from fear, guilt, anxiety, depression, and frustration.

Mind and body interact on each other, body is preponderantly governed by the mind. Control the mind and then there will be unfoldment of spirituality - "Man is potentially divine - the aim is to manifest this divinity". This book helps one to live a higher and saner life.

It, in deed, forms the first rung in the ladder of ‘Self-Inquiry’ of Ramana Maharishi Yoga which leads to self-realization.

Yoga not only means inhibition of mental modification - but it also means leading a life of a perfect action - i.e. yoga is perfection and excellence in performing any work or duty as a dedication and offering to God. Further, yogis can discern the basic teaching of Astanga Yoga of Patanjali leading to the discovery of the Self (Atma Jnana). The topics are beautifully inter woven to be easy for everyone to follow regardless of age, race, and religion. Even for children it is an excellent book to lay the foundation of moral life.

I can boldly say that it is a beacon (of light) for those who wish to rediscover the path that leads to blessedness, spiritual enlightenment, and prosperity.

Vasanthi Bhat is an internationally recognized yoga teacher, author, publisher, and producer. She is also the founder of Vasantha Yoga Health and Fitness Center in San Jose, California. She has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 22 years.Vasanth

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