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Author: Angelina Robinson
Publisher:1st books library,2002
Reviewer:Dragon Master
Can you, can I possess true power? This is the question that flashes in everyone´s mind at one point or another. This is a question that a young woman, named Daenara struggles with everyday, her dreams of becoming more than mortal but in fact immortal. She possesses telepathic communication and has an uncanny knack for healing from wounds overnight even when they are at their worst. Now that her parent´s are deceased, she moves into the family estate after being sheltered for years in the mountains by her overseer Vincent. Her whole life she has felt as though she has had a presence around her but since the move it has grown stronger and she has an undying will to know who or what it is.

Certain happenings arise which shed light on facts previously unknown to her. One of these facts being that her own mother was also a vampire, and that the vampire that sired her mother has been following Daenara her entire life. Through many years of waiting and watching, the mysterious vampire begins to fall in love with the now grown up Daenara. Unfortunately she also learns that her great uncle is in fact one of the oldest living vampires in the world, and has made it his life´s mission to kill all of his descendants. Daenara takes the plunge and becomes a vampire herself against all wishes of her loved ones around her. With this change which she has desired all her life comes terror and betrayal. Ultimately she must come face to face with her malevolent uncle. However, before she confronts him, Daenara is reunited with her mother, whom she previously thought dead. Through recapturing many lost years of thoughts and memories between the two, Daenara´s mother speaks a dark and dangerous secret which will ultimately unfold the fate of her daughter. Daenara is the one who has been chosen to rise to a higher power strong enough to face a sinister threat to both her and her loved ones. This sinister threat and greatest rival being her own great uncle. She must go through unspeakable pain to become the chosen one. Daenara faces and eventually kills this great uncle, but in the process loses not only most of her family and friends, but her maker as well. And a true love she never knew she had. New challenges lie in her future path...

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