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Author: Dadaji
Publisher:Amida Press,Sunnyvale ,2005


He was controversial, to say the least. Dadaji, as Amiya Roy Chowdhury was known, had as many critics as he had followers. And with reason. For he spared no guru, no temple, no form of sacrificial worship. According to him, these took away from the main purpose of life, the reason why God had given birth to man.

Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, former president, had this to say about the man: "To meet Dadaji is a soul-stirring pilgrimage. To him the body is the temple of the living God and the soul is God. He says no human being can be guru who is but Eternal. It is God within who leads and guides people."

LOOK WITHIN is the latest book to be published on this almost heretic godman who performed miracles and then brushed them aside as "extraneous". The book is edited by Ann Mills who traveled extensively with Dadaji. Following are excerpts from the book:

In 1976, Amiya Roy Chowdhury became know as Dadaji (beloved elder brother) and began traveling. Paying his own expenses, Dadaji did not allow an organization to be built around him, collected no money, refused donations and elaborate gifts. He said, "There are so many people who told me they would give me ashram (buildings and properties for a religious community). All the universe is my ashram. No need for these things. Why should I go for buildings? Ashram is also one kind of cheating. In the name of Him, we have no right to take anything. Is there anybody who can challenge that in the world?"

Dadaji spoke strongly against people who make a business out of God and take advantage of innocent people seeking Truth. He said, "I want to tell you, do not accept me as your guru. God is in you. Do not seek a guide or instrument. No mortal being can ever be a guru. All these Godmen, all, each and every one are bluff, full of bluff. Their only interest is to collect money and make institutions. God alone is the guru. Don't bother running after gurus, yogis or priests. No person can initiate or guide you to God. Look within."

Also included in the book is an article by Maco Stewart, a US-based television journalists, who was cured of a heart ailment following his belief in Dadaji's teaching. An excerpt from his article:

Roy Chowdhury is the owner of a toy shop, about 89 years of age, has two children, grandchildren, and lives with his wife in Calcutta. He doesn't have an ashram, Western followers, cosmetics, flowing saffron robe or a Mercedes. Roy Chowdhury is called Dadaji by many thousands of Indians who have realized God in his presence. Among these are half the Indian Cabinet and many of the leading industrialists, scientists, intellectuals, movie producers and actors.

This mild and loving elder brother has provoked a storm of controversy by his simple attacks upon traditional religions and the modern gurus. About traditional religions Dadaji says: "God is not religious. He cares not for Christians, Jews Buddhists, Muslims, Sikhs or Hindus. He loves and blesses the atheist also...why the temples, churches and ashrams? No scriptures ask for them. They are the business of people, exploiters. Don't make a business out of God."

In the same vein, he feels that all the traditional paths to self-realization and God-realization are so much humbug.

Dadaji insists that he is not a guru because the only Guru is God. Only God is the Doer of all things, everyone else is an actor.

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