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Author: Dr. Kris D. Bhat
Publisher:Uma Publishing Co,2005
Reviewer:Kala Dwarakanath
For many Indian- American parents, raising children in America is not an easy task: because they have to do it all by themselv3es; in contrast, in India, parents can rely on the support system provided by the extended family and the community, which takes away some of the burden, says the author, a pediatrician and allergist in Beaumont, Texas, who, along with his wife, has raised three children in this country.

The book is also intended as a guide for parents seeking answers to questions of how to raise happy successful children who are well adjusted to American ways without losing Eastern values, he says.

The book claims to cover all aspects of child rearing through the various stages from infancy to the teen-age years. Among the issues covered are how to bring a happier baby into the world, how to successfully breast-feed your infant, when to begin teaching religion and culture, common childhood ailments, and how to make time for quality moments with children even when both parents work.

For those wanting to retain Indian(Hindu) culture at home, the book offers tips on teaching prayers and the fundamentals of the Hindu religion, raising children to be vegetarians, and practicing yoga, meditation and Hindu festivals.

Some specific advice included are: Do not introduce young children to soft drinks and other beverages loaded with sugar, and to help in the matter avoid drinking them yourself and do not keep soda in ht house; do not be overbearing when toilet-training; when settling disputes among siblings, do not always tend to side with the younger child; and , enforce discipline without being an authoritarian figure.

For those with older children, Bhat says it is important to know their friends. When children are ready to choose a direction in their life, he advices giving them information on various career choices, and allowing them to make their own decisions. For more information about the book visit the web-site or call: 409-835-5382

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