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NEW DELHI: The Congress in Delhi has assured AAP that it will support the new government in Delhi in public interest. Speaking on the confidence motion, Congress’ state chief Arvinder Singh Lovely said the party could give the support even for full five years if AAP government worked in the interest of the people. Addressing the Assembly ahead of the trust motion, AAP leader Manish Sisodia said the AAP is here for development and the party wants to ensure that people in Delhi get clean water to drink and cheap electricity. Vowing to improve the facilities for Delhiites, the AAP minister said the party is “here for the traders, farmers and youth of Delhi”.
“We are not a party, we’re representatives of people,” said Sisodia. Congress leader Lovely said, “Kejriwal ji, you keep making statements frequently that the government could go in 48 hours. I assure you today that as long as you keep taking decisions in the interest of people of Delhi, there is no threat to your government. “And should the need arise, we will support you for full five years so that you can give a good government…as long as we feel that decisions that you take will not halt development and there is no sense of injustice to the state, we will keep supporting you…. Our party’s support will be there for you in whatever decision you take for development and in the interest of people,” he said. The Congress leader said that his party supported the government to avoid forcing another election on the people of Delhi. Lovely, however, at the same time attacked the government over its recent decisions on enlarging the subsidy on power and free supply of water saying it was the House that can decide on shifting subsidy from one head to another and not the government. “You are new to the government. The officials should have briefed you properly. The earlier budget had approved certain subsidies and that cannot be changed now. The House should have been involved. You have to fix accountability on the officials who misled you,” Lovely told the Chief Minister. He also wondered what promises the government will put on hold if it decides to give subsidy worth Rs 1300 crore. Though caveating his response by saying that Congress does not want to begin its support to AAP on a negative note, Lovely said that even the free water decision of Government will not reach the intended beneficiaries and alleged that “water has become costlier” for Delhiites on the contrary. He also told Kejriwal that his government should take “tough measures” against corruption irrespective of persons and departments concerned and that Kejriwal could definitely stumble upon it if MCDs ruled by the BJP are probed. “When Kejriwal had talked about corruption of Delhi government, he had talked about MCDs as well. Something will be found out in Delhi government or not, it will definitely be found out in the MCDS,” Lovely said. BJP to oppose

BJP leader Harsh Vardhan congratulated the new government. He said, before elections, Kejriwal urged people to vote for the most honest party and people of Delhi gave the most seats to BJP. Strange the party that got maximum votes is sitting in opposition, added Harsh Vardhan.

The BJP leader said that when AAP emerged, people of this country saw new hope. Though the AAP emerged due to Anna Hazare’s movement, the social crusader decided to stay out of politics. However, he questioned the reason behind Kejriwal joining hands with those (Congress) whom he earlier promised to send behind bars. “What is AAP’s reason behind joining hands with a party the people ‘threw in the dustbin’?”

There have been many scams in 15 years of Congress rule. I heard Mr Kejriwal saying if Dr Harsh Vardhan had any evidence, he should share it with us. I want to ask the Chief Minister, why did he claim to act against the corrupt people in Congress if he had no evidence?

You didn’t want security, but you enjoy three-tier security. Also, there is nothing special about using the metro. I have been using the metro to commute from Krishna Nagar to Dwarka where my children stay, I have never invited the media to highlight this. With your metro rides, you have put the public’s safety in danger, added Dr Harsh Vardhan. The BJP leader also asked Kejriwal to apologies for the Jammu and Kashmir remark and for Batla House encounter stand.

Dr Harsh Vardhan concluded his debate, saying the AAP betrayed the people and the BJP can’t support it. –Agencies

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