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CHENNAI: Slamming the hike in price of non-subsidized LPG cylinders as a “new year bonanza” which would add to people’s miseries, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa today demanded its roll back.
The third revision within a month by the Congress-led coalition government was “condemnable” as it came amid soaring inflation, price-rise and increase in fuel prices, she said while questioning the pricing policy for natural gas.

“The tradition is to give some good news to the people on the New Year. The Central government giving suffering as New Year bonanza is a betrayal which has not been committed by any government so far,” she said in an official statement.

While there were demands to remove the cap on subsidized cylinders, presently at nine, the “unprecedented” hike of Rs 220 for non-subsidized ones will further affect the middle and lower classes, she said, adding this was further piling up miseries on them since they were already facing the impact of price rise.

Holding that LPG rates are fixed based on average imported cost, she said this was a completely “unjust” method.

Jayalalithaa recalled she had been demanding that prices of petrol and diesel be determined based on rates of domestic crude and cost of its refining, and that of imported oil and its refining.

A similar approach should also be adopted for LPG pricing, she said, adding if that had been done, yesterday’s revision could have been avoided.

The price of non-subsidized LPG cylinders since September 2012 had increased by 58 per cent, she said.

“Considering people’s pain and their situation, the Centre should roll back the latest revision or else increase the cap of subsidized cylinders to a minimum of 24 per year,” she demanded. -PTI

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