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NEW DELHI: France and Britain today issued travel advisories asking their citizens to be careful while traveling to India in the wake of the alleged gangrape of a Danish woman in the national capital.
“Women travelers should exercise caution when traveling in India even if they are traveling in a group,” the British Government said in an advisory.

The advisory came two days after a 51-year-old Danish woman was allegedly robbed and gangraped at knife-point near the New Delhi Railway station.

“British women have been the victims of sexual assault in Goa, Delhi, Bangalore and Rajasthan and women travelers often receive unwanted attention in the form of verbal and physical harassment by individuals or groups of men. Serious sexual attacks involving Polish, German and Danish women travelers have been reported so far in 2014,” the advisory said.

The France Government has also issued an advisory asking its citizens to exercise caution while traveling to India.

“Several recent incidents show that foreign women or expatriates can be the victims of such incidents in India,” the advisory said.–PTI

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