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Bangalore: Many devices are now being invented for the safety of women, from a 'watch' that gives electric shocks to an attacker, paralyses him for a few minutes and takes his pictures, to a gadget that lets off a siren. With the recent Delhi gang rape case and due to the increase in sexual crimes, many individuals are coming up with inventions to protect women, the latest one being a 'robotic sandal' that rings a loud alarm and sets off a recorded voice that asks for help, reported Saira Kurup for TNN.
Four school kids from Thane, Mumbai, have designed a robotic sandal that can set off a siren if the woman wearing it is being attacked. One of the kids, Siddarth Wani, who is in 9th grade, says "We wanted the gadget to be something that women won't forget to carry daily. We thought of lockets and bangles, and then decided to integrate our idea with sandals," as reported by TNN. He said when the sandal, fitted with metal rivets, is hit on the ground twice it triggers a wireless alarm in a small black box which can be carried in a hand-bag. The sandal can also give a light shock to the attacker.

Purshottam Pachpande, an engineer who directed the students, Siddarth, Chinmay Jadhav, Chinmay Marathe and Shambhavi Joshi, at Children Tech Centre in Thane, said "They plan to attach bluetooth to the sandal which would automatically send SOS messages to pre-set contact numbers." The four students who invented the device are all 12-14 years old. IIM-A's Prof Anil Gupta, executive vice chairperson of the National Innovation Foundation (NIF), Ahmedabad, was quoted by TNN saying "It shows that the anxiety has percolated to children too. I am proud of the children who are coming up with such ideas. Our generation didn't do anything about such issues."

In another case, a class 12 student Manu Chopra, innovated an anti-molestation device that can be worn like a wrist watch. He said "My sister was not being allowed to go out of the house after 9 pm. When I understood why, I decided to design something to help girls like her. I made a portable device attached with a nerve conduction velocity chip (that measures the speed of an electrical impulse going through a nerve). When the chip detects increase in speed of nerve impulses due to stress, the entire dial of the 'watch' is activated and becomes a shock device. It can give shocks up to 8 ampere which can paralyze the attacker for 5-10 minutes, giving the girl a chance to escape. There's also an attached camera that takes photos which would help identify the attacker later," as reported by TNN. NIF has also helped him to make a sample and patent his device.

With the new generation taking a step forward to help ensure safety of women in the nation, it is also important that there is a cultural and behavioral change among the people.

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