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Bangalore: At 15 million, approximately half of the total number of the visually impaired people in the world is from India. Three schoolboys from a private school in Delhi were asked to build a device under the theme 'connecting people'. The students had an interesting concept in mind and have invented a device for the visually impaired, reported Priyanka Dube for CNN-IBN.
The three children - Sreekar, Anees and Parikshit took nearly a month to devise on a product that could help incorporate the visually challenged into society. With the guidance of their robotics head Sanjay Bansal the ‘CommuniCane’ device was made. The device created by them is fitted with a sound alarm, voice navigator and an emergency SMS service.

Its key features include the sound indicator and alarm for any obstacle on the road. In case of any vehicle or obstruction on the way, the CommuniCane will sound a voice alarm and alert the person.

It also has a voice navigator for audio directions which is attached to a cell phone. The location can be fed into the cell phone and the inbuilt GPS will give audio directions. In case of a wrong turn it will repeat the right direction and help go back on track. It also has gravity sensitive emergency message system, wherein an emergency SMS will go to an emergency contact if the cane falls.

Sreekar was quoted by IBN Live, saying "We met a blind person, he was really happy to hear and to see what we had created in the real world. Really with that potential to make a difference, we were elated to see a person who was suffering from such difficulties happy to see our product that time, we felt we made a difference."

The new generation is certainly well aware and innovating something new each day, which helps the society as a whole. This device could certainly be a boon to the visually challenged.

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