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Bangalore: Indian students who emigrated to the U.S. to continue higher studies in fields such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics, are likely to benefit from the U.S. immigration reforms, reports Uttara Choudhury of Firstpost.
According to a plan being implemented by the U.S. immigration, anyone who completes a postgraduate degree in science, math, or engineering from an American university will be granted a green card.

Based on a proposal by the senators, the bill will be introduced to the Senate by March, which will gain approval from the chamber and then later on towards the end of the year, it will be sent for the president’s signature.

“The United States must do a better job of attracting and keeping the world’s best and brightest,” says the Senate framework. “It makes no sense to educate the world’s future innovators and entrepreneurs only to ultimately force them to leave our country at the moment they are most able to contribute to our economy’’, reports Choudhury.

The Silicon Valley and corporate America are in full support of the plan to provide green cards to degree certificates received by science and engineering graduates.

“For a well-to-do engineering graduate in, say, Chile, spending fifty thousand dollars on a one-year master’s at Arizona State, or somewhere similar, in exchange for a relatively easy green card could be an irresistible option,” reported The New Yorker daily.

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