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Bangalore: As change is the only thing that is constant, it constantly carries unique shades to surprise many. As in case of the Scotland Yard, it may soon decide to hire foreign police chiefs, which could even be an Indian in the force. The UK's home secretary Theresa May is supposedly planning to change the law by permitting foreign police chiefs to run British forces, for the first time ever, which might seem as the biggest shake up of police recruitment rules in the present times, as reported Kounteya Sinha for TNN.
Till now for national security reasons the force practiced posting a British citizen as the police commissioner. The UK's policing minister Damian Green informed that the probability of the U.K. police force hiring its very first police commissioner could happen within years from now rather than decades.

The change is also expected to permit direct entry into the police force at superintendent level, which not only will allow experienced people in policing but also business leaders. This completely alters the current trend which specifies starters to enter as a constable and then the compulsory two year grind in the force before getting promoted. These reforms were suggested by Tom Winsor, the former rail regulator, prepared after a thorough review of police pay and conditions, in overAs per Winsor with the ‘exceptional applicants’ the civilian will now get the opportunity to rise to inspector in less than three years. The reform is formulated to encourage successful businessmen and women, also the members of security services and the armed forces to apply to the fast-track scheme.

Currently, Winsor is the chief inspector of Constabulary for the queen. He mentioned that his intention to rope in the ‘brightest and best applicants with skills distinctly above those of factory workers’ for the police force was to end the notion that policing was an intellectually undemanding job. He has earlier mentioned his wish to see one in every 10 senior officers recruited in the police force to be from foreign origin like U.S., Australia, Canada, New Zealand and others.

Bill Bratton, the American supercop who was the former chief of the New York police had openly expressed his interest to take charge of the Metropolitan Police in 2011. Bratton has set records in bringing down the crime rate in Boston, New York and Los Angeles. He is known to give a hard time to the underworld mafia in U.S. However his requisite was unconsidered at the home office because of his nationality. It is speculated that no one other that David Camreon, the British Prime Minister wanted to see Bratton taking over as the Met Police commissioner.The UK's policing minister Damian Green believes that the fast-track scheme planned out for business leaders and former army officers could reduce the time taken to reach the top spot by half, as compared to the current time frame of 20 to 25 years.

This shift or move he said could have officers leading in police forces in their 30s than in their 40s.

With the appointment of Mark Carney, a Canadian, as the governor of the Bank of England, Green compared the idea of having foreign national persons heading policing services in the near future.

The U.K. making special considerations to hire men and women from other nationalities in the police force is just an invitation for other countries to make similar changes. As the world is constantly changing into a global village, the idea can only reduce the level of animosity that exists between nations and add to better public relations.

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