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DUBAI: Star golfer Tiger Woods, who is all set to arrive in New Delhi on Tuesday, said that his dream of visiting India will finally be realized as his “friend” Arjun Atwal has been requesting him to visit the country for some time.
“Arj (Tiger calls Atwal by that name) has been asking me to come to India, but somehow it never happened. Now it has.

Yeah, I’m looking forward to it, finally going to go (to India) for my first time,” Woods said here today.

But Woods did not divulge any more details about the visit, during, which he may also sign up with a Real Estate company and play a round of golf with corporate honchos.

Woods is being brought to India by Hero MotoCorp, whose CEO and Managing Director, Pawan Munjal is a known golf supporter and player. Munjal has in the past played at the Tavistock Cup, an event, which is held at Isleworth Club in California, where Woods stays.

Atwal, too, stays in the area and became a member of Isleworth at Wood’s suggestion. Munjal has in past been an invitee to the Tavistock Cup and has met Woods during those visits.

During his visit Woods will play a round at the Delhi Golf Club, where Atwal has won an Asian Tour title, Hero Masters. The format is not clear but the event will not be open for public or media. Some of Munjal’s guests are also expected to get to play a few holes with Woods.

The DGC will be closed to all outsiders and even members will not be allowed to play for about four to five hours from 8 am.

Hero is one of Chopra’s sponsors and World Sport Group, who negotiated with Tiger Woods’ management to arrange the visit to India, also manage both Chopra and Atwal. Apart from Atwal, Daniel Chopra also played the 2012 Tavistock Cup. The Tavistock Cup is one of the most star-studded events, which is sanctioned by the PGA Tour, but the money does not count for Merit list.

Each team consists of four golf professional members who play for prize money, team hole-in-one prizes and the title of World Golf and Country Club Champion. The professional members of these six golf clubs have collectively won almost 1,050 tournaments worldwide, including nearly 70 major championships.

The Tavistock Cup till 2010 was a fun event between Isleworth and Lake Nona Clubs, but since 2011 it has been expanded to six international clubs, including Lake Nona for whom Ernie Els plays at the event. -PTI

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