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Bangalore: With many Kolkata drivers being the strict law abiders when it comes to driving, ‘The City of Joy’, in a way can also be called as the ‘City of Law-Abiders’, says the recent survey. As such, most drivers in the city are unaware of handling a mishap or an accidents if they meet with one on the road, reports Debashis Konar of TNN.
The findings are based on a survey that was carried out in five Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Ahmedabad in December 2013 by insurance major. Under which, various factors of around 487 car owners and 500 motorcycle owners in the 21-45 year age bracket are taken down. The survey covers just the owner-driven cars.

The survey revealed that seat belts are worn by around 74 percent car drivers and 68 percent of the bike riders make themselves compulsory to drive wearing a helmet. Both the stats are far above the average of the country, i.e. 56 percent and 58 percent respectively.

When it comes to abiding road rules by the drivers and bikers, Kolkata leads with 71 percent as compared to other big cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore with 65 percent, 62 percent and 59 percent respectively, said the survey.

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