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For those of you looking to get married, the best way to be a great catch is to be irresistibly attractive. And for the married, in order to keep the spark alive in your marriage, you have to be irresistibly attractive to your spouse! The term Irresistibly Attractive refers to the idea of people, ideas, opportunities and more come TO YOU vs you chasing them or being acquisitive in nature.
    If you need something, usually it will escape you. Get your personal and financial needs met first and you´ll find yourself attracting vs seducing. Add worth to whomever you meet. We all have something to add. Add it. If you don´t have enough to add, learn a new skill. When you add what you have to other´s lives, whether they are clients, acquaintances, friends or family, you become much more attractive.


    Inner work is an essential part of becoming irresistibly attractive. It will help you to identify clearly what your needs are and how you can meet them. First, take out a pen and a pad of paper. Draw a line down the middle of the paper. On one side write "wants" and on the other side write "needs." Start with the "wants" list. Write down the characteristics that you want in your Prince Charming. Do you want a man who´s educated? Has a good sense of humor? Is passionate? Is outgoing? Has a certain physique? Be as specific as possible. Don´t censor yourself. Now, write on the "needs list" which of the characteristics on your "wants" list you absolutely require in your mate. These are the things you are not willing to compromise on. The reason you make this list is to help you determine the type of man you are drawn to and to help you find someone who meets your definition of what is right for you. In other words, it´s time to look at your own reflection - for those qualities on your "wants" and "needs" lists that you possess. If you don´t have the qualities that you yourself list as being essential, how are you going to be irresistible to a man with those qualities? Work on attaining the characteristics you´re missing. If you want a man with a muscular body, go out and workout yourself. If you want a man who is educated but you are not, get your degree. The bottom line: Until you become the kind of person you are looking for, you will not attract and be irresistibly attractive to the kind of person you want.


    You´ve got to have a positive attitude to attract a man. If you walk around thinking that you´re too fat, too skinny or too old to attract a man, you probably won´t. Negative thoughts produce negative results. Once you accept that dating can and should be fun, your days of worrying will be over. If your self-esteem could use some pumping up, take care of that. We may want to improve ourselves, but we must believe that there is nothing wrong with the essential person we are inside and out. Loving yourself means accepting your imperfections and finding someone who will also love and accept them. If you really believe you´re special, inside and out, you will attract a man who is special. There are many average-looking women who have men around them all the time. They´re desirable because of who they think they are and what they think they can offer.


    Taking control of your weight, muscle tone and over-all figure can improve your self-confidence, which makes it easier to take control of your life.


    Want to be considered a great catch? Be available to have a relationship. Don’t wait for Mr. Prince Charming. Since there simply aren’t enough Fortune 500 CEOs with great personalities to go around, lower your standards. There are more than enough good men in the world. Dates need not be drop-dead gorgeous or serious marriage-material; they must simply want to share a pleasant evening with you. Network - Fill your social calendar. You must see and, more important, be seen by as many men as possible. Head to the nearest café or pub with an interesting book that might be a conversation-starter; wear your attention-getting leopard-print hat or a figure-flattering ensemble and strike up a conversation with a nice-looking man next to you. Borrow a friend´s dog and take a walk to the park. Go to parties with your girlfriends, but don´t hang out in packs. Just as with you, a man´s biggest fear is of being rejected; he won´t want to come over to talk to you or ask you out if there´s a protective posse waiting to give him the once-over. Being by yourself makes you so much more approachable and attractive to men.


    If a man calls you Friday morning to make plans for the evening, say “No” even if you’re aching to go out with him – and have nothing else to do. Say: “I’m sorry … I’d love to go out with you but always make the plans for the weekend by Wednesday…” If he’s even remotely interested, he’ll call earlier next time.


    It´s good to like someone and want to be with him. But when you want closeness while the other person wants space, being a great catch means allowing the space. In fact, take the opposite route and spend some time alone at home – maybe working on some reports. Soon he’ll be aching to spend time with you. And when he does, make him feel cherished. It’s important to not try to monopolize your man’s time as you start things off. Be casual about when you can get together next. Appear interested but not anxious. Avoid acting like an octopus – the slightest hint of grasping behavior can jinx a relationship hopeless. Give yourself and your man a chance to miss each other, and to realize how much you enjoy each other’s company.


    When you are barely dating, yet already walking to the altar in your head, it shows! What´s more, it takes away from enjoying the process of dating. Girls who are considered a great catch can stay in the moment, having an eye on the future but not living in it. In general, single women who are considered a great catch are able to let their dates do as they will, without forcing the person or the relationship to be different. They observe, accept and choose.


    If someone is attracted to you when you are at your best, feeling good, sure of yourself, aren´t they attracted because of who you are? Being a great catch means daring to remain yourself as your new partner gets to know you. Make a conscious effort not to neglect your own interests. And don’t revolve around Planet Him. Don’t forfeit those very qualities that originally caught his attention. It pays off because it lets the man know that no matter how much you love him, you had a full life before him and you you’ll still have a full life after him.


    Honesty does not mean revealing the details of your sordid divorce on the first date. It does mean being honest about your goals, priorities, intentions, wants, etc. A great catch has nothing to hide. That’s what makes her irresistible.

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