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Bangalore: Well Indian-Americans in the Silicon Valley, California, could win with huge majority if there is a contest for the most successful immigrant group in the U.S. Majority of technology companies, successful start-ups and investments in venture capital funds has an India-American presence and this makes it even more interesting, reports Economic Times.
When there is such a sway in business, can politics be far behind? Well that is what we will be seeing in this year's Congressional race in California's 17th district, where we will witness not one, but two Indian-American candidates, who could be rutted against each other.

Khanna, an Indian-American with a lawyer background, is very much eyeing for the Democratic ticket wherein he will be challenging his fellow Democrat Mike Honda, the present and a seven-term Congressman at the primaries. As the Republican candidate, Vanila Singh won’t face such troubles, as she is a new entrant into politics who entered the fray only six weeks ago.The only barrier which could stop Khanna and Singh when they go in for elections is the California rules on primaries. According to the rules, only the top two candidates can make through even if they belong to the same party, wherein they will face each other in the general election which will be held in November.

However, the political gurus are betting high on this clash between Khanna and Singh, which looks like an unusual instance of two Indian-Americans in an electoral showdown. The reason behind this is that Khanna, who has served earlier as the deputy assistant secretary of commerce in the Obama lead administration, has hit the campaign quite early as expected. He was also in headlines as one of the biggest fund-raisers in this year's elections, by having collected $1,975,000 in cash already.

That doesn’t looks surprising given the fact that Congressional district is home to many of America's top tech companies such as Apple, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Intel and Tesla. "But it's not just the tech-sector money or the insane amount of it that has attracted attention to what may be the most expensive primary this year. Honda has been endorsed by the president, Barack Obama, while several of the president's former campaign aides now work for Khanna," the Huffington Post adds.

However, Khanna dismissed such talk. "I'm honoured by the overwhelming support that I've received from technology leaders in Silicon Valley. But he later added that representing this area is not about one industry or one company," he added.

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