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New Delhi: For sustainable urban growth, inclusion of the poor and participatory planning will help create healthier and sustainable cities, Minister for Housing and Poverty Alleviation Ajay Maken said.

Speaking on the sidelines of the International Conference on Inclusive Urban Planning, a two day event that concluded here Tuesday, Maken said: "We would want all cities to follow these guiding principles to ensure that our cities would be fully inclusive and participatory in nature which is missing."

The guidelines include reformation of regulatory and institutional frameworks for planning to recognise the urban poor as stakeholders, promotion of responsible planning with community involvement and community-driven approach towards development among others.

Applauding the urban development model implemented in Brazil, Maken said that India needed to spend more percentage of its Gross Domestic Product on development work.

"Brazil is spending 3.69 percent of its GDP on urban development and here it is 0.9 percent," said Maken.

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