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Ever feel your spouse belongs to another planet? Here are some points for understanding your life partner and the inherent reason behind why he or she behaves the way they do!
Men tend to be far more upset by a loverīs sexual infidelity than do women: just imagining their wife in bed with another man sends their heart rate soaring by almost five beats a minute. Women react more strongly to the threat of emotional infidelity than their hubby lusting at another woman. What women fear most is the loss of their husbandsī long-term commitment and support.

Men see themselves more as separate individuals, achieving something; women more as persons whose identity is found in relational attachments. Instead of attachment, individual achievement rivets the male imagination; they sometimes find attachments claustrophobic; women are focused on the strengthening of relationships, encouraging others and deepening attachments.

Manīs five most basic needs in marriage:

  1. Sexual fulfillment

  2. Recreational companionship

  3. An attractive spouse

  4. Domestic support

  5. Admiration

Womanīs five most basic needs in marriage:

  1. Affection

  2. Conversation

  3. Honesty

  4. Financial support

  5. Family commitment


  1. He meets her need for affection with plenty of hugs and kisses at every opportunity.

  2. He meets her need for intimate conversation by talking with her at the feeling level.

  3. He meets her need for honesty by looking her in the eye and telling her what he really thinks.

  4. He meets her need for financial support by shouldering responsibility.

  5. He meets her need for family commitment by putting his family first and commits time and energy to the moral and intellectual development of his children.
  1. She meets his need for sexual fulfillment.

  2. She meets his need for recreational companionship by developing mutual interests.

  3. She meets his need for her attractiveness by keeping herself physically fit.

  4. She meets his need for domestic support by creating a home that offers him an atmosphere of peace.

  5. She meets his need for respect by understanding his achievements more than anyone else.
Men value power, competency, efficiency and achievement and are always looking to prove themselves, develop power in their social and business fields and to hone their individual skills. Their sense of self is defined through their ability to achieve results and they are more interested in objects rather than people and feelings.

Men feel better solving problems. Women feel better talking about problems. A man will rarely talk is about his problems unless he needs expert advice. Women on the other hand value love, communication and relationships. Their sense of self is defined through the quality of their relationships, which are more important than work. For women the sign of love is to offer help without being asked. When his wife talks about problems, a man is quick to offer advice and to solve the problem.

When men are under stress, they tend to want to be alone, to think about how they can solve their problem. When a woman is stressed, she wants to talk it out; talking about the problems causes her to feel better. When a woman talks to a man about her problems he feels she is holding him responsible. When a man doesnīt talk about his problems his wife feels he is ignoring or rejecting her.

Men need to know they are needed. Women need to know they are cherished.This is probably because men need trust, acceptance, appreciation, admiration, approval and encouragement whereas women need caring, understanding, respect, devotion, validation and reassurance.

Men typically handle arguments with intimidation or become silent; women with pretending thereīs no problem or taking all the responsibility for it.

Men think they score big points with big gifts; women score all gifts the same.

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